Dinner for Breakfast &
The artists' mentor

 THRIVE: the holistic artist

6-weeks to strong foundations for a vibrant creative practice - with impact, without burnout.

‘Katy is clever, funny, compassionate and authentic and the material
she covers is insightful and powerful’.

'I've recently done the Thrive course with Katy Abbott and it was amazing! THRIVE has given me the tools and the confidence to make better choices for long-term impact.
This was by far the best online course I've done. Check it out'.

I invite you to:

challenge your perceptions of what you think you should do... and
discover and make leaps into what you really want to be doing

understand your worth and know how to navigate it within the Arts

receive practical, insightful and illuminating re-frames so you can create your ideal pathway - perfectly suited to you

look at the 'neglected perspectives' in the Arts whether you are well-established or starting out

join me in the real conversations of what it means to have a meaningful and unique career in the arts

get practical insights from someone in the field in navigating the complexities and conundrums that come our way in the working world.
THRIVE: The Holistic Artist
(next start date 2022)

“I help brilliant, creative, ‘quiet’ artists build clarity, momentum and impact in their career through support, transformative ideas and practical tools connecting who they are as a human to what they do within their artistic practice.

When they make this connection, it is incredibly exciting to see how easily their work can flow and how rich it becomes.

Building careers on their own terms.”

Dr Katy Abbott

Dr KATY ABBOTT: composer,  educator, artist mentor
B.Ed, Grad Dip (Comp), MMus, PhD University of Melbourne

Dr Katy Abbott knows a thing or two about bringing something into being from nothing. An award-winning classical composer, Katy has had her pieces performed and broadcast all over the world and operates in a realm of creating masterful compositions from nebulous complexity. She holds an MMus and PhD in Composition, plus a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and is a Senior Lecturer in Composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. 

'I’m the creative mind behind Dinner For Breakfast. I’m also founder,  director, manager, and educator. They’re all hats I love to wear. My forays into music, education, and quests for knowledge were always intertwined. I’ve been composing music for decades, manage two businesses, and a mother to teens. It’s safe to say my life has always been a delicate balance of details – which I love! 

Composing music has allowed me to give voice to those who don’t have one, or to whose voices have been suppressed. I, too, know the silent ache of always being the listener, having spent many years as a quiet observer on the periphery. To really listen is a gift, but I’ve learnt it has to be balanced by liberating the true voice within. 

I’ve always been drawn to digging into the nitty gritty of everything. I started composing  at the age of 27 from an inkling – from that point onward, it was how all my big projects started. My gift is in helping artists turn a wish for more into something exciting, realistic, sustainable and pursuable. 

Now, with Dinner For Breakfast, my mission is to help you nurture your ideas from whispers to the stellar virtuosos you envision them to be. I seem to especially connect with people who need a good dose of courage, are on the introvert, empath and HSP scale'.

'Katy is not all talk and promises. But rather, she provides depth, insight and real solutions to the complexity and messiness of being human. Her way of working was kind, genuine and warm and I now have more tools to use not only in my creativity but in my life'. 


Musician, writer

‘Katy is one of those rare individuals who sees the deeper meaning in the everyday and has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and the person; with gentle and genuine care’'


Product Creation Developer