Dinner for Breakfast &
The Artists' Mentor

Musings on artistic Life and Practice

Supporting artists to build clarity, momentum and impact in their artistic practice through transformative ideas and practical tools so they can build long-term sustainable careers.

‘Katy is clever, funny, compassionate and authentic and the material she covers is
insightful and powerful’.

‘Katy has an amazing gift for communicating intricate ideas in a very relatable way’’.

'It’s always an exciting moment when one of Katy’s emails arrives. Full of wisdom, humour and compassion surrounding what it means to live a creative life, she brings clarity, joy and direction to the many ways that we as artists can support ourselves and our practice.

I’m particularly drawn to the way that Katy is able to articulate the delicate ways in which living a creative life can impact our emotional, physical and spiritual health, and value her insights on how to find balance and maintain a clear perspective.
Katy is a blessing to our creative community'

I  invite you to:

challenge your perceptions of what you think you should do and discover and make leaps towards and into what you really want to be doing

join me in the real conversations of what it means to have a meaningful and long-term career in the arts

get practical insights from someone in the field in navigating the complexities and conundrums that come our way in the working world.