Dinner for Breakfast

artist mentoring  
VIRTUAL residency Program

CATAPULT invites applications from
Mid-Career and Established Artists
in any creative discipline

Buillding your career. On Your Own Terms.

‘Katy has an amazing gift for communicating intricate ideas in a very relatable way’

‘Katy is clever, funny, compassionate and authentic and the material
she covers is insightful and powerful’.


Yes, yes you can.

Dinner or Breakfast's tag is: 

Illuminate. Challenge. Change.

Change is possible because in Catapult there is nowhere to hide. When we partner together, we illuminate your unconscious drivers, challenge the norms of what a career 'should' look like and with full support, move forward with deliberate and aligned focus. Real change can happen quickly.

I celebrate your wins and support you in the mess.

This Program is not for everyone but I am enthused to work with those who are ready for a career and direction that feels exciting, is aligned with who they are and who want to explore what is possible for them. Artists who want traction and realise their magnificent potential.

I only work with artists who are a good fit for me and the program which is why it is by application only.

What is it 'costing' you not to address the frustrations and competing priorities in your life?


Artist Mentoring is for mid-career and established artists who: 

  • Are high achievers but compare themselves to what other artists are doing 
  • Are Photographer, Sculptors, Writers, Musicians, Cross-Collab Artists, Actors...
  • Want clarity in their direction and trajectory 
  • Can write a symphony (or artistic equivalent) but struggle with boundaries or following up on an outstanding invoice 
  • Want a long-term career without the burnout 
  • Want a career on their own terms but can hardly dare to hope for that 
  • Are nuanced artists with a lot to contribute yet are chronic people pleasers and perfectionists 
  • Want to follow their intuition but end up bowing to FOMO and/or FOPO (other people’s opinions)
  • Who want see to meaningful and significant shifts in how they show up in the world as an artist
  • Want to advocate better for themselves 
  • Think they will be fine - they just need to get everything done first Feel they ‘should’ be able to do better own their own 
  • Want robust self-worth so they can ask for what they are worth (and receive it) 
  • Feel stagnant and going in circles but their intuition tells them they should be expanding 
  • Have had some significant success and want to deepen their practice 

  • I only work with Artists who want to take themselves to the next level and beyond. 

  • Limited spots available (as I can only work deeply at this level with a few clients). 

  • As an experienced artist who's 'done the work and still doing the work in real time', reach out to me if you'd like to know more.. Applications will be assessed as they come in (due November 30) for a Feb 2022 start. (I'm an organised kind-of-gal and I'd like to prioritise you and have you in my diary!) 

  • CATAPULT is a no bull-shit, yet very kind approach to having a long-term sustainable career. 

“I help brilliant, creative, ‘quiet’ artists build clarity, momentum and impact in their career through support, transformative ideas and practical tools connecting who they are as a human to what they do within their artistic practice.

When they make this connection, it is incredibly exciting to see how easily their work can flow and how rich it becomes.

Building careers on their own terms.”

Dr Katy Abbott

'A paradigm shift in the way we 
think about creativity'’'i