THRIVE: The Holistic Artist (self-paced)

Strong foundations to a vibrant, long-term creative practice that has meaning and ease.

musicans, visual artists, writers, composers, creatives...

THRIVE: The Holistic Artist is a self-paced course over 4 Modules.  
Dr Katy Abbott leads you through the foundations of becoming a successful artist.  

This is for you if you want to:

  • Resolve the juggle of competing priorities
  • Advocate better for yourself
  • Create a deliberate career even though it looks pretty good right now
  • Write/perform/create from a deeply authentic place
  • 'Play bigger' in your field but you get paralysed by how and what
  • Make progress on that soul nourishing thing you really want to do
  • End indecisiveness
  • Know how to ask for what you are worth
  • Alleviate Guilt
  • Delve into the 'neglected perspectives' of how and why we get stuck and get practical ways to move forward with clarity

‘A paradigm shift in how we think about creativity’
Wayne, composer

'This was by far the best online course I've done. Check it out'.
Carmen, author


   'Katy has an amazing gift for communicating intricate ideas in a very relatable way’  
Craig, product creation development

'I feel like I am waking up!'
Luisa, visual artist & musician
 'Katy is a very insightful and wise person - a great artist's coach and I'm so impressed by the quality of THRIVE!'  
Anon, actor

[for] 'anyone who wants to 
build a long-term career in the arts'

'I'd recommend THRIVE to anyone who wants to build a long-term career in the arts.  Katy Abbott is an excellent communicator and the course is full of wisdom and psychological tools for the artist. Participating in THRIVE has given me a valuable chance to reflect on where I'm at, what I want to change and how to take steps forward. THRIVE has given me valuable tools for creating an artist's life and a balanced life'.  


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"profound revelations and new tools"

'I learned more about my motivations and better understood where I can create obstacles for myself and how I might develop new ways to identify and navigate them and free my creativity.... It was a gentle and deep learning process which has left me with some profound revelations and new tools to employ in both my creative and personal life'.

Singer, musician

'Katy brings a profound humanness and 
relatability that is rare'.  

I really appreciated the way Katy was able to deconstruct any hurdle conceptually and practically. The seamlessness of the course made engaging with mindfulness-like content less skeptical and confronting, especially because Katy brings a profound humanness and relatability that is rare. I would recommend THRIVE to anyone who is finding their 'flow' is stunted and is searching for meaningful, inner change.

'I'm falling in love with my art-form all over again'.  

Anna,  2022 Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Composers are skilled at looking at the macro and the micro together in order to create works that have a cohesive structure, while handling the nuance and complexity at a micro level. Think of it as a zoom out / zoom in idea in a similar way an author would write a novel – structuring the larger work whilst combining detail and development of plot, characters and pacing.

This, combined with almost 30 years teaching from high school through to postgraduate students and mentoring in the Australian arts industry, being a parent of three teens, and creating her own sustainable practice, Katy’s unique approach will illuminate the issues, challenge your assumptions and help you realise your goals in a way that is authentic to you.

Katy’s superpower is breaking down complex situations into the essence of things and combining a human perspective on an artistic or business issue. She brings forth the neglected perspectives in a discussion, then provides the space for examination and expression so the resulting ideas are practical. Katy believes in sustainable practices—that ‘life is long’ and her methodologies are tailored to you and your long-term visions.

There are four teaching modules which are recorded and released. They consist of a series of short videos.  Don’t worry if you’re in a different time zone – You can access the videos 'on demand' whenever you like. We understand the complexities of daily life.

Yes, you sure can. You can download documents but even better, you will always have access to the THRIVE portal and the online videos will remain here for you for the lifetime of this course. Happy days.

Not only this but you will be invited to participate in future rounds of THRIVE for free. THRIVE is also occasionally run live (THRIVE (Live)) and you are also join in to this course for free if you have already purchased the course.  Even if there is a price increase in the future.

Firstly, don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better than to panic and back away. This is lifetime access to these course materials. If you get the wobblies after you’ve signed up, take a breath, and come back to it another day.

Officially, if you find your life circumstances have dramatically changed between the time you sign up and 10 days after that date, please email with your reason for requesting a cancellation and I’ll respond within 2 business days to let you know your refund has been approved. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (minus any payment gateway fees) within 14 working days from the date of approval.  All I ask is that you show me two modules worth of reflection and attempt at the tasks so I know you've had a good go at it. At all times I will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for my services.

Great question!

You get access to THRIVE immediately after purchase.  As a THRIVE family member, you get access for FREE to any THRIVE (Live) events. I'll keep you informed of any future THRIVE (Live) programs and you can choose to join them if you wish.

The time commitment for each week to be effective would be 1.5 hours to 3 hours per week for 4 weeks.

This includes watching videos and reflection.

But you can binge the videos in a week or watch them over a longer period. It's up to you!  You have life-time access to this Program.

We understand life happens alongside internal work and the concepts delivered need to time absorb. Where-ever you are at is just fine.The videos are yours to watch whenever you need to dip back in.  In an ideal world, you'd watch and absorb, watch and absorb.

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